Book Divider Craft Idea

Book Divider Craft Idea: Learn how to make a notebook divider with simple steps. Easy and simple paper craft idea for kids and craft lovers. Every student in school wants to use a book divider, they use paper, a scale, or some stick to do that. You will also get a book divider in the stationary store but what if we make something on our own? Many kids always use this type of divider, which we will see in this tutorial. Material requirement for this craft, we only need an older notebook for this craft.

1 Take any older notebook and now take any middle page of the notebook, please the following picture for the idea.

Book Divider Craft Step 1

2 Now turn your notebook in a vertical position, please see the following picture for the idea of how I have done it.

Turn your notebook in vertical position step 2

3 Every notebook has one verticle line for the numbering see in the following picture. Now fold your paper from the bottom up to that line. If your notebook doesn’t have that line then leave the 10 to 15 centimeter gap at the top. And fold the paper as shown in the following picture.

fold the paper
fold your paper up to the line

4 Now pick that folded paper from the top and fold it from the middle. Fold up to the bottom of the folded paper. Check the following picture for how to do that.

Fold the paper from middle again

5 Now pick up that folded part and turn the whole paper on the upper side of the notebook. Check the following picture.

pick up folded part
Turn the upside

6 Now to make our book divider let us continue our craft. Take the right side from the top and fold that corner below the half portion of that paper. Please leave up to 10 to 15 centimeters of space below that fold. Please see the following picture.

Book Divider fold the corner

7 Do the same with the left-side corner, see the following two pictures.

8 Now pick up the paper from the folded part as shown in the picture and fold that paper on the upper side. See the following four pictures for how to do that.

9 Do the same from another side of the corner.

Book Divider fold

10 Now take that whole folded page and turn it down, see the following pictures.

Pick up the paper
Write down the name on Book Divider

11 your paper craft is ready.

Book Divider is ready

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You can also watch this tutorial on our GpnArts YouTube Channel, see the embedded video below.