Credit Debit Card Holder Best out of Waste

Credit Debit Card Holder: In this tutorial, we are going to make a credit card holder. For this craft, we used a waste soapbox, which means we are using a waste material.

Note down the material requirements for this craft.

For this craft, we need yellow and green A4-size paper. Smaller pieces of blue, brown, and red craft papers. We also need a pencil, scissors, glue, a marker, one circular object, a punching machine, and one waste soap box.

1 take the soapbox and cut the narrow side rectangle of the box. See the following picture about how to do that.

2 Now use white paper glue and stick open and loose part of the box.

Apply glue and fix the open parts of the box

3 Apply glue on all sides of the box and cover it with green craft paper. Cut extra paper from all corners. see the following picture for how I have done that.

4 Cut the upside crease, all four, and put them inside the box. Now stick it all with glue, and let it dry. See how the box looks after being covered with the green paper.

Credit Debit Card Holder ready box

5 Now take a piece of blue craft paper and draw a butterfly on it using a pencil. After drawing cut it using the paper scissors. To draw a butterfly use the following picture as a reference.

6 Now take one piece of pink craft paper and draw flowers on it as shown in the following picture. Draw three more with yellow and red craft paper and cut them using paper scissors.

Credit Debit Card Holder Step 5

7 By using the blue sketch pen make the butterfly shape darker so it will look more beautiful.

Make lines darker using sketch pen

8 Take another piece of blue paper and draw and cut the antenna for the butterfly. Using the white paper glue stick those antennas to the butterfly as shown in the following picture.

Credit Debit Card Holder Step 7

9 Take one piece of brown paper and make small circles using a punching machine. Use those smaller circles to stick in the center of the paper flowers. See the following two pictures.

10 Draw the eyes and mouth of a butterfly and dark them with the help of a marker. Now take flowers and butterflies and stick them on the green box. Green box which we have made at the start of this tutorial. Please see how I arranged the flowers and butterflies on the box. You can stick the same as I shown in the picture or you can use your imagination to stick flowers and butterflies.

11 And finally our credit and debit card holder is ready to use.

Credit Debit Card Holder

You can also make this paper craft by watching our YouTube video which is given below.

You can directly watch this video on our YouTube channel GpnArts