How to Make a Paper Bird

How to make a paper bird: This is a small craft requiring 5 to 10 minutes to complete it. Kids and students can use this paper craft as their school project.

Material for the Paper Bird

We need red, blue, yellow, green and white color paper. One circular object to draw circles, paper scissors, pencil, and paper glue.

Material for paper bird

1 Take red paper and draw a circle using a circular object, I am using a small bottle lid to do that. Use a pencil to draw a circle and after that cut that using paper scissors. See the following two pictures to get the idea.

How to a Make Paper Bird
Cut the paper

2 Take green paper draw two circles and cut it. Repeat the same method to draw and cut two yellow and two blue circles. Also, cut a very small white circle as shown in the following picture.

How to a Make Paper Bird Cut more circles

3 Now take blue circles and paste these two circles on each other as shown in the following picture. Use the paper glue to stick the circles.

How to a Make Paper Bird Stick the Circles

4 Take both yellow circles and fold them in the middle, now paste them one by one on the left and right side of the blue circle.

Fold two yellow circles
Stick the circles

5 Next take green circles and fold them in the middle also take red a circle and fold it in the middle.

Fold green and red circles.

6 Put the red folded circle in the middle of two folded green circles. Stick them from the upside using white glue. While sticking the circles stick them, in a little bit in the spread position, please see the following picture.

How to make a Paper Bird Stick Three Circles

7 Paste those three folded circles at the bottom of the blue circle.

Stick those circles in the bottom

8 Take a white small circle that we have made at the beginning and paste it in the place of the eyes. Draw a small triangle on yellow paper and cut it using paper scissors. Paste it as the beak of a sparrow. See the following two pictures.

Eye of the bird
Beak of the bird.

9 Draw a black circle in the middle of the white circle to make an eye of the bird.

How to make a paper bird Draw eye using pen

10 Finally our paper bird/paper sparrow is ready

Paper bird

If you like this craft then don’t forget to share it with your family and friends. If you like to watch the video of this tutorial then you can watch it below.