How to Make a Paper Cat

Making paper crafts is fun for everyone and making animal crafts is also fun. In this tutorial, we will learn how to make a paper cat, a favorite animal of kids as well as everyone.

Note down the material for this easy paper craft.

A piece of paper and it’s in square size. if it’s not then you can cut it into a square shape. You can use craft paper which will get you from any stationary shop nearby. If craft paper not available then you can use any paper from an older newspaper or an older magazine or from an older book.

A black color pen or marker to make the eyes, nose, and whiskers of the cat.

Learn step-by-step how to make a paper cat

1 Take one piece of square paper, you can use any paper.

step one How to make a paper cat
square paper

2 Fold the paper in half by putting it in opposite corners on each other.

step two How to make a paper cat
pick the top corner
step two a fold paper in the middle.
fold that top corner
step two b press it neatly in the middle
fold the paper from the middle

3 Fold in middle by putting left and right corners on each other.

step 3 How to make a paper cat
step 3a How to make a paper cat
step 3b once again fold paper in the middle
step c How to make a paper cat

4 Now open that fold which we have just folded.

step 4 open fold which we have folded

5 Fold the right and left corners upside, a little away from the middle line. Look at the picture.

step 5 fold from bottom
step 5 fold from bottom

6 Fold the top corner of the downside.

step 6a fold the upper right corner
step 6b fold the upper left corner
step 6c fold the both corners

7 Turn the paper downside and make the top side down. Now draw eyes and whiskers. Your paper cat is ready.

step 7 rotate the paper down and flip backwards
step 7a make eyes and mouth to cat with pen
step 7b your paper cat is ready

This is a simple and easy animal paper craft. It is in the form of written form, you can also watch a video of the craft. To watch the video visit Youtube and search paper cat by Gpnarts. You can also watch directly this video through the link given below.

GpnArts YouTube Video

How to make a paper cat by GpnArts Channel
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