How to Make Greeting Cards for Christmas

How to Make Greeting Cards for Christmas: Christmas is near and you want to do lots of things. One most important things is to wish your friends, family, and loved ones well. To greet them the best idea is to make a handmade greeting card. So why not make a greeting card and make your loved one happy? So let’s note down the material given below and start making this simple paper craft.

Note down the material requirements for this craft.

A4 size card paper.

Red, green, and brown craft paper

Pencil and Paper Scissors

Decorative Perls and Decorative Materials

1 Take the design card and fold it in the middle.

2 Now take green craft paper and cut it into four circle shapes. Cut all four circles of different sizes from big to small. Cut a big circle of 10 centimeters, 2nd circle of 8 centimeters 3rd circle of 6 centimeters, and a small of 4 centimeters.

3 Now take every paper circle and fold it into the quarter circle. See the following picture for how to do that.

quarter circle fold

4 Now take your adhesive decorative pearls and stick them to half the border of the quarter circles. See the following pictures for how to do that.

decorative pearls
Stick decorative pearls

How to Make Greeting Cards for Christmas Continue…

5 Now take one by one-quarter circles and put glue on the backside corner of those circles. See how I have done that. After putting glue on it stick them in a tree shape as shown in the picture below. Stick them only from the backside so the top side will remain open, see picture no 1 below. There must be a gap like picture no 2 below.

How to Make Greeting Cards for Christmas
How to Make Greeting Cards for Christmas

6 Now take this tree shape and stick it on the center of the card. Design card paper which we have folded in the first step. Stick our tree shape using white glue. After that take brown craft paper and cut it into 4 centimeter by 8 centimeter size. Apply glue to that brown piece and stick it to the bottom of our tree shape. See the following two pictures.

How to Make Greeting Cards for Christmas step 6

7 Now take adhesive decorative red color stars and stick them around the border of the card. You can use any color but as per colors used in this craft red are best fit here. Also, put a yellow smiley star on the top of the Christmas tree.

Stick stars to the card

8 Write down the Merry Christmas at the bottom of your tree and your beautiful greeting card is ready.

How to Make Greeting Cards for Christmas

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This is the text tutorial for how to make greeting cards but if you like to see this in video format you can also watch our videos. See the GpnArts YouTube channel video below or visit the channel on YouTube. If you like the tutorial share it with your family and friends.