How to Make Paper Boat

In this small step-by-step tutorial, we will learn how to make a paper boat with a single piece of paper. Everyone loves this activity as this craft is very basic and it takes only 2 to 3 minutes of time.

Note down the material for this papercraft.

This paper boat craft is very simple so we don’t need any special material we only need square paper. You can take any square paper, if you want to use craft paper you will get it from any stationary store near you. You can also use any old newspaper and just cut it into a square shape.

Below is the step-by-step tutorial on how to make paper boat.

1 Take one piece of square paper and fold it in the middle and press it with your fingers.

How to make paper boat step one
take square paper
How to make paper boat step 2
and fold it from middle
Press it in the middle

2 Again fold the paper in the middle and it will be a square.

Again fold from middle
Fold and press the paper in the middle

3 Put the folded paper as shown in the images and fold the topmost square/first flap.

How to make paper boat step 3

4 Now fold the remaining square/flap at the back side.

How to make paper boat step 4
fold all remaining
carefully press it and make a triangle shape

5 Make a square from the triangle. Put two opposite corners on each other and press it.

Step 5 How to make paper boat
insert your finger and open the triangle

6 Now rotate your bottom part upside which opens. Pull both the right and left angles outwards and press it.

Step 6 How to make paper boat
pull both corners with the help of your fingers
Press the paper neatly

7 Your paper boat is ready.

Step 7 How to make paper boat

You can also learn how to make paper boat by watching our GpnArts channel video. To watch the video go to Youtube and then search GpnArts paper boat and you will get the channel link. Or you can watch the video given below.

How to make paper boat youtube video

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