How to Make Paper Dog

A paper dog is a very basic craft and kids under five can also make that very easily. Kids and craft lovers like to make paper animals and play with them. In this step-by-step guide, we will see how to make a paper dog. This craft and the paper cat craft are quite similar so anyone can easily do that.

The material required to make a paper dog

This paper dog craft is very simple so we don’t need any special material we only need square paper. You can take any square paper, if you want to use craft paper you will get it from any stationary store near you. You can also use any old newspaper and just cut it into a square shape.

Let’s start to make a paper dog

1 Take one piece of square paper, if you don’t have a square paper you can cut it into square size.

Step 1 How to make a paper dog
square paper

2 Put two opposite corners on each other and press it for making it half.

step 2a How to make a paper dog - first corner
First corner
step 2a How to make a paper dog - Second corner
second corner
step 2c How to make a paper dog - fold paper in the middle
fold paper in the middle

3 Fold the triangle in the middle, putting up and bottom corners on each other. Open it.

step 3a first corner
first corner
step 3b secondcorner
second corner
step 3c fold the paper from middle
fold paper in the middle
step 3d middle fold

4 Fold both corners of the triangle down, a little away from the middle line, as shown in the picture.

step 4a fold first corner
fold the first top corner
step 4b fold second corner
fold the second corner

5 Flip the top portion back and fold the top corner.

step 5a fold top corner
Fold the top part

6 Fold the bottom corner.

step 6a fold the bottom
fold the bottom part

7 Draw eyes and nose with the help of a pen or marker and our paper dog is ready!

step 6a draw eyes
step 6b draw eyes
step 6c draw mouth
Our paper craft is ready

Now day’s most people want to watch tutorials rather than read. So if you also want to watch this tutorial as a video then you can watch it below. I have added this craft-making tutorial Youtube video below.

GpnArts Youtube Video
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