How to Make Paper Fish

One of the easiest paper crafts is the paper fish. Anyone from a smaller kid to an older one can easily make it. This craft is so easy that it takes only a few folds and three to four minutes.

Material requirements for this papercraft.

A piece of paper and it’s in square size, but don’t worry if you don’t have it. instead, you can use older newspapers.

Step by step how to make paper fish

1 Take one piece of square paper and fold two opposite corners on each other. You will get square-size craft papers from any stationary store near you. If you don’t have craft paper then don’t worry you can take any newspaper or paper from an older notebook or magazine.

step 1 How to make paper fish
step 1 take a square-size paper
step 1a How to make paper fish
step 1a Fold the paper in the middle

2 Unfold the fold which we have made in the first step. Now flip the paper and fold the opposite corners on each other. Press it with your fingers and open that fold.

step 2 How to make paper fish
unfold that fold
step 2a How to make paper fish
first any corner
step 2b How to make paper fish
opposite corner
step 2c fold opposite corners
Opposite corners

3 Now fold the top half the same way as we have done in the second step, and then unfold the fold again.

step 3 first corner
first corner
step 3a second corner
second corner
step 3c fold the paper
fold the paper

4 Turn the paper upside down and poke the center with the help of your finger so that the center pops

step 4 turn the paper down
flip paper

More steps in our crafting

5 Bring the left and right sides simultaneously together so, the paper turns into a triangle.

step 4a Bring left and right side together
bring both sides together
4b join both corners
Bring both corner’s near equally
step 4c join both corners
Prthethem inside
step 4d make triangle
a triangle shape

6 Rotate the paper and fold it from the center to get the centerline and open it.

step 6 rotate the paper
step 6 b make centerline

7 Fold the top corner at the centerline, again fold that corner from the bottom see the picture carefully. after folding open that folds.

step 7a fold top corner
pick top paper
step 7a fold top corner
fold it at center
step 7c again fold top corner
again fold from the bottom

8 Now fold the bottom paper above the center line not on the center line as shown in the image.

step 8a open top corner
Fold the bottom fold up to the line shown in the picture.
step 8b fold bottom paper.
from bottom
step 8a fold again top paper
pick top fold
step 8c top fold
fold from top
step 8c press the top fold
Press the fold

9 Turn the paper and finally, you are done. Draw the eye and some stripes to make it
look nice.

step 9 your paper Fish is ready

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