How to Make Paper Hearts

How to Make Paper Hearts: Paper hearts look very beautiful and making them is more fun. If you want to decorate your home or a place for a party then you can enjoy this craft. This craft is very small and easy and it takes only 5 minutes.

Material requirement for the paper hearts.

One piece of paper, you can use red craft paper. If you don’t have craft paper don’t worry you can use any paper. Any circular thing or object to make circles, pencil, and paper glue.

1 First take a piece of paper and make a circle using a pencil. To make a circle use any circular object. See the following picture.

How to Make Paper Hearts Step one
How to Make Paper Hearts Step 2

2 Now with the help of paper scissors cut the circle we drew in the last step.

cut paper in circular shape step 3

3 Now fold the very small part of the circle on the bottom side, and make it plain by pressing it. please see the following pictures.

Make Paper Hearts step 3
Make Small Paper Hearts

4 Next, turn your paper circle upside down and once again fold the same size paper at the bottom. Please see the following pictures.

fold paper at bottom

5 Repeat the same steps until the last fold, See the following picture.

6 Now take the middle part of this folded paper, from the center fold as shown in the following picture.

easy paper crafts for everyone

7 Apply glue in the middle part of that pressed paper, and stick it well. Let it dry for a while.

apply glue and press the paper

8 Now open the paper slowly, pull some part of the paper, and make it heart-shaped, see the following picture.

9 Finally we will get our heart shape, and our paper heart craft is ready.

If you enjoy this paper craft tutorial then you can share this with your family or friends. If you like to do this craft by watching a video tutorial then you can do it by watching our following videos.

How to Make Paper Heart

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