Origami Car

Origami car Easy and simple paper crafts for kids

Creating paper crafts with single piece of paper is very easy to do. Car Origami is the best way to learn some paper folds. Kids loves to creat paper crafts, they like to create paper plane, paper boat similarly they will really like this paper card. So just take a piece of paper and start to make a simple car.

1) We want one piece of square paper, origami paper. Take one square piece of paper of any size you want.

Origami Car Making

2 put two opposite corners on each other and press from the middle. Please see the following pictures for the idea.

Origami Car: Fold the paper from the middle
Fold paper in the middle

3 Unfold the paper and you can see one middle line, see the picture below.

4 Now fold the paper from the bottom and put the bottom edge of the paper on that middle line and press it. See the following picture of how I have folded the paper.

Origami Car: fold the paper from bottom.

5 Put your finger on the middle point and hold the paper tightly. Hold the right flap and fold it back.

6 make sure that you will find a small triangle at the bottom side.

7 Do the same with the left side.

8 You can see a small triangle at the bottom side fold this triangle at the upside.

9 Do the same thing with the left-side Triangle.

Continue our origami car

10 Back fold the paper and leave it approximately 1 cm or 2 cm from the bottom. See the following pictures for the idea.

11 Now from the bottom side fold the paper again upside, and fold in the middle, please see the following picture for how I have followed.

Origami Car Top portion half size at bottom side

12 Now Fold the right corner and put the right corner side edge on the bottom edge and press it. See the following two pictures below.

Fold the top portion of the paper
Origami Car Fold the right corner

13 Do the same with the another means left-side corner.

Origami Car Fold the top left corner

14 At your left there is a small corner fold this corner inside and press it.

Origami car Making final step

15 Lastly turn the paper and finally our origami paper car is ready,

Our Origami Car is ready.

Also if you want to learn this car origami by watching the video, you can go to our YouTube channel GpnArts to watch this video. I have also embedded that video below.

Origami Card – Easy Paper Crafts