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Origami house-making is the simplest paper craft. Every kid and craft lover wants to make it In this video article we will learn step-by-step how to make a paper home/house. For this paper craft, you don’t need any expensive material just square craft paper. If you don’t have craft paper then don’t worry take any older newspaper or any paper from your older books or magazines.

How to make origami paper house

Take one piece of square paper.

step one take square size paper
square size paper

Put two opposite edges on each other, meaning fold the square paper in the middle. Now
Press it gently and open that fold.

step two house making middle
step three fold in the middle - house making
Middle fold

Now once again put opposite edges on each other and press it. Open it.

step four open the fold
turn the paper and fold it again
step four1 fold in the middle again

You will get one standing and one sleeping middle line.

step five middle line
two center lines

Put the bottom edge on the middle line and press it.

step six fold the paper

Put the top edge on the middle line and press it.

step seven put top edge on the middle line
step seven1 fold and press gently

Turn the paper, and take the top side to the back, and back to the top.

step eight turn the paper
turn the paper top side down

Positioning the paper in front of you like a standing line as shown in the image.

step nine put paper like standing line
Hold paper like standing line

Put the top and bottom edges on the middle line and Press it. You will get four pockets.

step ten fold in the middle bottom side
step ten fold in the middle top side

With the help of your finger open the upper two pockets. Press it.

step eleven open top right pocket - house making
step eleven1 press top right pocket - house making
step eleven2 open and press top left pocket - house making

Turn the paper. Your house is ready.
Draw windows and doors to make it attractive,

step twelve your house is ready
The Origami house is ready

We hope you like this tutorial, If you want to watch this in action meaning if you want to make it by watching a video then watch our video given below. We have a YouTube channel GpnArts

GpnArts Video on How to Make Paper Home
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