Origami Paper Rabbit Easy DIY Craft

Origami paper rabbit: Have you ever tried to make any paper animal, or do you want to try it? Let’s make a paper rabbit. In this step-by-step tutorial, we will learn to make an origami paper rabbit. This tutorial is very easy and anyone from a smaller kid to the youngest can enjoy this papercraft.

Material requirement for Origami paper rabbit

For this craft, you will need only a piece of square size paper and a pen, pencil, or marker. I am using square-size craft paper which you can get easily in the stationery stores. If you don’t have it then don’t worry you can use any older newspaper, magazine, or your older book paper.

Take one square size of paper.

step one square size paper for origami paper rabbit
square size paper

Put two opposite corners on each other as shown in the images and press it.

step two fold opposite corners for origami paper rabbit
Fold the paper by putting two opposite corners on each other

Again fold the paper in half by putting the left corner on the right corner. Now unfold the paper and you can see the center line.

step three fold opposite corners again
Once again take two opposite corners and fold them.
step three 1 you will get the center line
after unfolding that you will see the centerline.

Put the paper as shown in the image and fold a small portion of the bottom edge at the upside
as shown in the picture.

step four upside down
make it upside down as shown
step four 1 fold smaller size to upside
From the bottom Fold the paper as shown in the image.
step four 2 press the paper gently - Origami Paper Rabbit
press the paper neatly

Now fold the left and right edges up in the middle line.

step five fold the corner from middle - origami paper rabbit
Fold up from the right side.
step five 1 fold the corner from middle
Fold in the middle.
step five 2 fold the left side
Left side Fold

The next step is to flip down the paper.

step six flip the paper
Turn upside down.

Fold the top corner a little bit at the backside.

step seven fold the upper small portion
Top part fold inside
step seven fold inside
and insert that portion inside
step seven 2 see the fold Origami Paper Rabbit
Press the paper neatly.

Now again turn the paper backside and fold a smaller portion on each corner equally, see the image.

step eight fold all three corners
Take a small portion and fold it from three corners.
step 9 once again flip upside down
once again turn upside down

Once again turn the upside down and draw eyes, nose, and then mouth. And finally your origami paper
Rabbit is ready.

step ten origami paper rabbit is ready

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