Paper Fish Making in Easy Way

Paper Fish Making: This is the tutorial about making a paper fish in easy way. Fish is the most loving paper craft of every kid. Every kid loves to make paper fish so let’s learn to make this simple craft.

Note down the material requirements for this easy paper craft.

We need one big square piece of craft paper. Don’t worry if you don’t have craft paper, you can use any paper like newspaper, older book, or magazine paper. Another small piece of square paper, paper scissors, a pencil, marker, and paper glue.

Material requirements

1 To start this craft take a big square of paper.

Paper Fish Making

2 Fold the square paper from the middle and press it, now open that fold turn paper so the folded line will be in verticle position. Once again fold the square paper in the middle. See the following 4 steps in the picture, how to do the folding of the paper.

3 Now open the folded paper, it will look like picture no 1 below. Now flip the paper upside down and hold the paper like a diamond shape see the number 2 image below. After that fold the paper in the middle and again open the fold. See the following picture for the detailed steps.

5 Now rotate the paper and once again fold the paper in the middle. Again open the fold and now the paper will look like picture number 2 below. We can see 2 folded lines from the top side and 2 folded lines from the bottom side. See the second picture below.

And our Paper Fish Making is continuing

6 You can see the center point of the paper, hold the paper in hand as shown in step no 2 below. You have two squares on both sides push them inside with your figure. See the steps 3 and 4 below in the picture.

Paper Fish Making

7 See the fold below in step one push the paper inside and you will get a single square like the following picture.

8 Now take a right side top fold of the paper and fold it up to the middle line of the diamond shape. Repeat the same step from the left side.

Paper Fish Making Step 6

9 Now flip the paper upside down and do the same steps as we have done in the last step.

Fold the same as pervious step

10 Now hold the paper in the hand as shown in the picture, you can see the shape from the top as shown below.

11 Hold tightly in the middle with your left hand and with your right-hand fingers pull out the paper as shown in the picture.

12 Repeat the same step as above for the left side corner. And you will get the fish shape as shown in the picture below.

13 now take a small square and make it half by folding it. Take a half piece of paper fold it in the middle cut its bottom slightly to curve shape and unfold it. See below you will get the fish tail.

14 Apply glue in the front opening side and stick that, once again apply glue at the end of the and stick the tail which we have made above all together.

15 Now take the marker and draw the eye and mouth of the fish as shown in the picture.

Paper Fish Making

15 Fiannly our paper fish is ready

Paper Fish Making

GpnArts Video

If you like the tutorial then don’t forget to share it with your family and friends. If you want to make this fish by watching a video see our embedded video below from YouTube GpnArts Channel.

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