Paper Flower for Decoration

Paper flower decoration: For events like parties, anniversaries, and celebrations we need to decorate our home or a place. For that, we can do it with some ideas in paper crafts. In this video, I will teach you how to make paper flowers. You can use those paper flowers to decorate your desk room or table, you can use various colors so it will look very beautiful.

Note down the material: One yellow paper A4 size, one small size of green paper, a scale, a pencil, paper scissors, and paper glue.

1 For this craft first, you take one piece of A4 size paper, you may take any color. I have here yellow color A4 size paper.

Paper Flower for Decoration Take A4 size paper

2 Put the paper in front of you and put two bottom corners on the two upside corners. Find out the middle of the paper, do not Press it, we just want the middle. See the following two pictures for the idea.

Paper Flower for Decoration just Fold do not press.
Paper Flower for Decoration part 2

3 Now fold the paper upside but do not fold in the middle, fold it a little bit lower than the middle, It will look like shown in the following picture.

3 Fold paper little lower than middle.
fold the paper below the middle

4 Unfold the paper you may see a line cut with scissors.

4 Paper Flower for Decoration see the middle line
4 b Paper Flower for Decoration see the middle line

5 You will get two papers, and take a big rectangle of paper.

Paper flower take a big rectangle.

6 Fold this paper in the middle by putting two opposite corners on each other, and press it.

5 Fold the paper in the middle

7 Draw one line approximately 1 cm from the upside edge, now mark every 1 cm till the end.

Mark in the middle.

8 Draw straight lines on those mark points.

Draw straight lines on the 1 cm mark
Paper Flower for Decoration Straight lines

9 Cut all lines which we have drawn with the help of paper scissors. See the following pictures for the idea.

Cut the straight lines with the paper scissors

Continue our Paper Flower

10 After cutting, unfold the paper. Next, apply the glue on the upside edge. Now, put a lower edge on the upside, and stick the paper together. Let it be dry. See the following two pictures for the guide.

11 Now take one piece of green rectangle paper, I have here 21 X 9 cm paper. Hold the paper vertically.

Take piece of green paper

12 take one toothpick place it in the left corner and roll over the page around this toothpick. At the end of the paper apply glue and stick it.

13 You will get the steam of the flower Next, apply glue on the top of the steam and the edges of the yellow paper petal. Please refer to the following paper for the idea.

Apply Glue on steam and yellow paper

14 put the steam at the right side of the bottom of the yellow paper. Put it slightly slanting position and roll over the paper in a slanting position till the end.

Paper Flower for Decoration roll the steam around yellow paper
You will get flower like this

15 Take one rectangle of paper and draw rough Triangles on the paper. Next, cut the lines with the help of paper scissors. See the following pictures of how I did that.

Paper Flower for Decoration Draw and cut the triangles as shown in the pictures.

16 Stick it around the stem open that leaves, see the following pictures for the idea.

30 Finally our paper flower for decoration is ready.

Paper Flower for Decoration, flower is ready

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We have embedded the video of Paper Flower Decoration, which you can watch and make above flower.