Paper Gun Making Easy Paper Crafts for Kids

Paper Gun: Kids love to play with toys, if toys are made of paper then it again very fun for them. So let’s make a paper gun by using a single piece of paper.

The material required to make a paper carrot.

For making this craft you only need to have a single piece of paper and it should be A4 size. Pencil, Scale, and Paper scissors to cut the paper.

1 Take a A4 size paper, A4 size means 21 CM x 29.7 CM.

Paper Gun Making Step 1

2 Now fold this paper in the center of it, and take the center line to the longer side for folding this paper. Please see the picture below for how to fold the paper.

Fold the longer side step 2

3 Ulfold the paper and draw a line using a scale and pencil. Draw a line below the center line not exactly in the center, the upper part of the paper must be larger and another one is smaller. See the following picture for how to draw a line.

Paper Gun unfold the paper and draw a line step 3

4 Now cut the paper using paper scissors on the line we drew in the last step. You will get two parts of the paper after cutting it see the following picture below.

Paper Gun cut the paper

5 Now take the smaller piece of paper and fold it in the center.

Take small piece of paper and fold it in the center.

6 Unfold the paper and fold the bottom portion of the paper up to the center, same fold from top side portion of the paper. Please see the following picture of how I folder the paper.

Paper Gun Making Tutorial remaining steps.

7 Once again fold the paper in the center so you will get a harder single strip of the paper see the following picture for the idea.

See how to fold again step 7

8 Hold the paper strip in your hand as shown in the picture below. Now fold one part of the paper below and hold it like a knot. See picture no 2 and hold the paper strip like that.

Make a knot to the paper.

9 Now insert one side of the paper in the hole like a knot. Tight that know slow by slow so paper will not tear, see the following picture no 3 and 4.

Tight the paper knot.

10 Once the paper knot is tight press it to make the paper flat. See the following picture of how I have done it.

Tighten the paper knot slowly.

11 Finally our paper gun is ready.

Finally our paper craft is ready.

If you like this craft you can share it with your family and friends.

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