Very Simple Paper Flowers

Very Simple Paper Flowers: Do you want to make paper flowers for decoration or a party at home, then just read this tutorial. You will learn to make very simple paper flowers in a few minutes. Follow this simple step-by-step easy paper crafts tutorial and decor your home or party space to look beautiful.

Material requirements for this craft

1 Approx 7-centimeter square size red craft paper

2 A small piece of another craft paper, take a different color.

3 White glue, paper scissors, and a pencil

1 Take approx 7-centimeter square size red craft paper.

Very Simple Flowers Step one

2 Now fold that square paper in the middle.

3 Once again fold that paper in the middle so you will get a small square size. See the following picture.

Fold again

4 Now take any circular thing to mark a circle on the folded paper. I have taken a small cap, and take pencil to draw a circle. After drawing a circle pick your paper in a diamond shape and draw two lines at the bottom side corner where the paper is joint. Please check carefully do not draw a straight line where the paper is open. See the following picture from 1 to 4 for the idea about how to draw a circle.

5 Now cut the paper on pencil mark using your paper scissors. See the picture below,

Very simple paper flowers continue…

6 After cutting the paper into a circular shape, draw a center line to that circular paper. Draw a triangle shape at the end of the open paper side or opposite to the straight shape.

Very Simple Flowers

7 Now using your paper scissors cut that triangle shape and open your paper fold. You will get a shape like in the picture number 2.

8 Now from the center fold the paper slightly inside, see the pictures first and second. It will now look like a flower petal shape.

9 Now take another piece of paper and draw a very small circle. Use any small circular thing to draw a circle. After drawing a circle cut that circle using your paper scissors.

Very Simple Paper Flowers Step 20

10 Now apply white glue to the center part of your flower. Now stick that small paper circle that we have made in the last step and press to stick it properly.

11 And finally our paper flower is ready.

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